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DWG offers water sealing services to clients throughout the UK to help prevent water ingress on their buildings and infrastructure.

Water ingress is when water finds its way into buildings, structures and areas of natural ground formations. The result can cause damage to the affected area and, in many cases, have an immediate effect on the structure that would typically have a significant cost impact to rectify.

Our solutions for water control are becoming increasingly commonplace in the UK, and DWG Infraco has a range of non-intrusive solutions that mean premises do not have to be vacated while we undertake the process.

water ingress prevention

Water Ingress Prevention

The cost of repairing severe water damage is far more than our range of water ingress prevention measures with minimal disruption. Our water sealing techniques are used on worksites where a barrier needs to be created to facilitate construction or where structures are already below the water table or surrounding water levels.

We have also had great success in controlling water ingress in tunnels. We undertake an extensive investigation to assess where the breaches in the structure are and treat the whole affected area to ensure there are no further potential breaches of the structure.

water sealing company

As an environmentally conscious water sealing company, our Georesins are environmentally friendly and have been injected directly into the affected ground in riverbank areas without any effect on surrounding watercourses.

Our processes all use quick set materials, so the result is almost instant. There is no need for heavy machinery and extensive excavations; we drill small holes, insert injection points, and our highly portable pumping system gives us access to almost any location.

Our solutions have been successfully used on tunnels, basements, water treatment facilities, canals and river banks, and ports and quays.

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