Spikefast Timber Life Extension

spikefast railway repairs

SpikeFast is specifically designed to remediate railway timber sleepers, bearers, longitudinal timbers, wheel timbers, and other railway requirements across the UK.

SpikeFast is a 20-minute solution to solve issues with loose fixings, track gauge, chair indentation, splits and voiding. SpikeFast comes in two consistencies. ET-75 is thicker, will grab the hole sides, and will not run through into the track ballast, whereas ES-50 is a low-viscosity self-levelling material suitable for all timber repairs.

spikefast timber repairs

The traditional method for repairing screw holes uses a wooden plug; however, this is a dated approach and does not completely fill the void. When drilling, the tip will find the path of least resistance, leading to a compromised track gauge. By using SpikeFast, the hole is completely filled, and after 20-minutes, it can be drilled as new timber.

This provides longevity of the fixing as SpikeFast can outlast the life of the timber and is proven on the high tonnage and high-speed tracks across the world.

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SpikeFast Performance

Performance tests indicate that SpikeFast outperforms wood plugs and foam fillers in both lateral resistance and pull-out resistance. SpikeFast has achieved high marks in tests such as spike insertion and withdrawal.

The results indicated that SpikeFast’s withdrawal force is equivalent to that of an un-spiked hardwood sleeper and nearly twice that of wood plugs and foam.

Spikefast Services


SpikeFast has earned high results in lateral resistance testing. The testing showed a proven resistance of 20% higher than previously un-spiked hardwood sleepers.

SpikeFast is approved in the following countries and railway authorities: UK, Network Rail, London Underground, Translink, Ireland, Irish Rail, Belgium, Infrabel, Singapore, SMRT, Austra, ARTC, USA and Canada.

SpikeFast is also the approved product for undertaking repairs on Sicut composite sleepers.

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